Dodie came to us 2 years ago after being treated in the ER for a fractured ankle. The ER stabilized her ankle but discharged her with instructions to follow up with an orthopedic specialist. Dodie had a job that did not offer health insurance and soon found out that no doctor would treat her without insurance or a large cash deposit. Desperate for medical health, she searched the internet and came across The Outreach Clinic website. As a low income, uninsured individual, she met all our criteria and we were able to get her scheduled with one of our volunteer orthopedic specialist. She received an immobilizer and then later a boot and today is all mended and walking pretty. “I honestly don’t know where I would be or what I would have done without the wonderful people at the Clinic”. Dodi continues to be a patient at the clinic for primary care services and was thrilled when she received a screening mammogram as part of our Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening Program. “It was the first mammogram I ever had. The care I receive here is wonderful, all the doctors and volunteers really take the time to listen and understand and it is obvious they care a lot about the patients!”

Melton, a food service employee,  first contacted the clinic a year ago at the insistence of his girlfriend who was  already a patient. Melton had a family history of high blood pressure and after several self- checks at grocery stores revealed extremely high blood pressure readings, he agreed to make an appointment. Working in the food service industry, he could not afford health insurance and had tried to ignore his high blood pressure reading. When he finally made an appointment, his blood pressure reading was dangerously high and he was at extreme risk of a stroke or heart attack. Melton is only 42 years old. At his medical appointment he was also diagnosed with diabetes which had already began to affect his eyesight. After almost a year of treatment which included multiple lab tests, multiple medications  to manage his diseases and diabetic and nutritional counseling, his diseases were brought under control. His blood pressure and diabetic numbers were finally in the normal range. Melton was very relieved and extremely happy with the Dr. at the clinic informed him of the results. “Diabetes and high blood pressure runs in my family and I am so grateful to the clinic for all their help”.

Martin is very grateful Dr. Shalabi and The Outreach Clinic is there to help in his time of need.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

― John Holmes